The Verve - Urban Hymns

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180 Gram Vinyl Record

No. of Discs: 2

180 Gram LP

"Not long after the release of A Northern Soul, the Verve imploded due to friction between vocalist Richard Ashcroft and guitarist Nick McCabe. It looked like the band had ended before reaching its full potential, which is part of the reason why their third album, Urban Hymns – recorded after the pair patched things up in late 1996 – is so remarkable. Much of the record consists of songs Ashcroft had intended for a solo project or a new group, yet Urban Hymns unmistakably sounds like the work of a full band, with its sweeping, grandiose soundscapes and sense of purpose." – All Music Guide

- 180-gram audiophile pressing
- two inner sleeves with photos/single jacket
- two LPs

1. Bitter Sweet Symphony
2. Sonnet
3. The Rolling People
4. The Drugs Don't Work
5. Catching the Butterfly
6. Neon Wilderness
7. Space and Time
8. Weeping Willow
9. Lucky Man
10. One Day
11. This Time
12. Velvet Morning
13. Come On

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One stunning album !!!

posted on 11/24/2008
5 Stars
I followed the Verve just before A Northern Soul came out and besides Spiritualized, they were my favorite band. When they released Bittersweet Symphony and everyone seemed to be playing it I was very much looking forward to the albums release.

When it came out, I ordered a 180g special version LP. What a work of art awaited me !!! Melodies, swirling electric guitars, mesmerizing pop hooks and wide-ranging lyrics... plus the band really sounded focused and connected.

Other than Soundgarden, plus Spiritualized, no other band, to me, could excite me on so many levels: emotional, intellectual and spiritual.

This version I received is better than the one I ordered. The same matte cover and I love that the sleeves are original... yay !!! The Verve made a very aesthetically pleasing album and I'm glad the artwork was preserved.

Anyone who loves the Verve needs to own this version !!!

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