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Metallica - Death Magnetic

 (5 LPs + CD - Deluxe Edition)


Warner Bros.



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AWAR 512119
UPC: 093624984368

Vinyl Box Sets

No. of Discs: 6
Note: 45 RPM 180 Gram


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Vinyl Record

51st Annual Grammy Awards
Best Metal Performance

My Apocalypse ~ Metallica

51st Annual Grammy Awards
Best Recording Package

Death Magnetic ~ Bruce Duckworth, Sarah Moffat & David Turner, art directors (Metallica)

51st Annual Grammy Awards
Producer Of The Year, Non-Classical

Rick Rubin

Five 45-RPM LPs

One of the most influential bands in music, ranked eighth on the list of the biggest-selling groups in history, Metallica unveils its ninth studio album, Death Magnetic. The band's first album in five years, Death Magnetic is also its first with renowned producer Rick Rubin, first with bassist Robert Trujillo and first on Warner Bros. Heavy and thrashy, unafraid to embrace the band's past yet move into the future, Death Magnetic, says Kirk Hammett, is the "best album we've put out in, say, 15 years."

1. My Apocalypse
2. The Judas Kiss
3. Broken, Beat & Scarred
4. That Was Just Your Life
5. The Unforgiven III
6. Cyanide
7. The End Of The Line
8. All Nightmare Long
9. Suicide & Redemption
10. The Day That Never Comes

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The 45 RPM is Super Sweet!!

posted on 10/22/2008
5 Stars
Reviewer: Jerry McCormick
What a sweet box set! The new album is great material and the 45 RPM format totally rocks. The CD version is a nice bonus, saves me from having to burn it myself. The individual jackets are pretty cool. Nice packaging, premium sound, a little pricey - but worth every penny. Should be no surprise, all of the 45 RPM Metallica reissues have been rock solid as well.

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