Various Artists - Plum

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Thrill Jockey



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Fifteen years ago, Thrill Jockey Records was founded on the Lower East Side of New York City. In other words, it was 1992, so Thrill Jockey did as many new labels of those days did and released a number of seven-inch singles. In the 15 years since 1992, the seven-inch singles have been fewer and farther between, but Thrill Jockey took a look back to that tradition for a way to celebrate 15 years of making records for their favorite bands. This is Thrill Jockey bands covering their favorite Thrill Jockey songs.

1. Two Moons (original by Arbouretum) - Angela Desveaux
2. Vampiring Again (original by Califone) - John Parish
3. Bus Stop (original by Thalia Zedek) - Arbouretum
4. Jewel (original by Freakwater) - Califone
5. Spider's House (original by Califone) - The Sea And Cake
6. Blue Marble Girl (original by Howe Gelb) - The Zincs
7. FallsLake (original by Nobukazu Takemura) - Tortoise
8. Three In The Morning (original by Chicago Underground Quartet) - Pullman
9. Flat Hand (original by Freakwater) - Thalia Zedek
10. I Like The Name Alice (original by Sue Garner) - Eleventh Dream Day
11. Washed In The Blood (original by Freakwater) - Bobby Conn
12. Underwater Wave Game (original by Pit Er Pat) - Adult.
13. Flew Out My Window (original by The Lonesome Organist) - Pit Er Pat
14. Umo (original by OOIOO) - Sue Garner And Rick Brown
15. Ex Guru (original by The Fiery Furnaces) - David Byrne
16. Toy Boat (original by Jeff Parker) - Directions In Music
17. Passengers (original by The Zincs) - Freakwater
18. Mrs Turner (original by The National Trust) - Archer Prewitt
19. Middlenight (original by The Sea And Cake) - Mouse On Mars
20. Boxers (original by John Parish) - Howe Gelb

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