Steve Miller Band - Greatest Hits: '74-'78

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180 Gram Vinyl Record

180 Gram LP

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This landmark release features the No. 1 Billboard charting tracks The Joker and Rock 'N Me, as well as classics Fly Like an Eagle, Jet Airliner, and Take the Money and Run. This was one of the best selling albums of the 70s and continues its cash-counter dominance to this day.

- 180-gram audiophile pressing
- Printed sleeve
- Released in 1978

1. Swingtown
2. Jungle Love
3. Take the Money and Run
4. Rock 'N Me
5. Serenade
6. True Fine Love
7. The Stake
8. The Joker
9. Fly Like an Eagle
10. Threshold
11. Jet Airliner
12. Dance, Dance, Dance
13. Winter Time
14. Wild Mountain Honey

Customer Reviews (3.33 Stars) 6 person(s) rated this product.

Really bad

posted on 10/05/2013
1 Stars
much better off buying a 35 year old copy

I Can't Believe My Ears.

posted on 11/20/2011
3 Stars
First off...My copy of arrived slightly warped. Disappointing.

Secondly...I gave the record a thorough bath through my Nitty Gritty machine as soon as I got it, but I could not get rid of some of the cracks, pops, and hisses that plagued this title for the first 4 tracks of side 1. No matter how many times I cleaned it, the noise was still there.

Lastly...the bass is very muddy and the highs were non existent. The track listing and the price is the only reason why I give this record 3 stars. Even the way the grooves are pressed do not make sense to me. They all look the same from track to track with very little variance. Maybe it's just me, but the grooves of a quiet track like "Winter Time" should not look the same as an up tempo rocker like "Jungle Love".

Capitol records really dropped the ball on this one. This title is arguably one of the greatest "Greatest Hits" collections ever made and Capitol wasn't even close to doing it justice.

Great Album

posted on 03/13/2011
5 Stars
Lovely acoustics and sound. Must buy.

Great collection & pressing

posted on 10/27/2010
4 Stars
Reviewer: Graham
To be honest; I had reservations about how this vinyl was going to sound. I heard a mate's CD and liked it, so I hoped the vinyl would be good. It's a great walk down memory lane and I am happy with the quality of the pressing.

One of the Best!

posted on 02/28/2009
5 Stars
Reviewer: Andy J
I don't know what the other reviewer below had going on but there is absolutely nothing wrong with this release. Possibly look to exchange or recheck your set-up.

This release is absolutely 100% better in sound quality and detail compared to my old early 90s CD. I don't have this on an original vinyl but i'm really picky about surface noise and distortion in re-releases and this one is one of the cleanest i've had the pleasure of purchasing in some time. Get one while you can and enjoy. There isn't one song on this album you won't enjoy!

Deeply disappointing

posted on 09/28/2008
2 Stars
This vinyl release was a very meaningful disappointment. Compared to the music club CD of this title that I own, this reissue features attenuated high frequencies, weak bass, and a distorted sound through a number of songs. If this is the standard of these Capitol reissues, you would be well-advised to avoid them all. Buy a good copy on eBay for $2.00 and you'll get better sound.

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