Coldplay - Parachutes

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"The London foursome Coldplay were early critics' darlings in their native U.K., showcasing melodic pop on a slew of EP releases and constant live shows just after the spark of the new millennium. Not as heavy as Radiohead or snobbish as Oasis, Coldplay were revealed on Parachutes as a band of young musicians still honing their sweet harmonies. Combining bits of distorted guitar riffs and swishing percussion, Parachutes was a delightful introduction and also quickly indicated the reason why this album earned Coldplay a Mercury Music Prize nomination in fall 2000." – All Music Guide


1. Don't Panic
2. Shiver
3. Spies
4. Sparks
5. Yellow
6. Trouble
7. Parachutes
8. High Speed
9. We Never Change
10. Everything's Not Lost

Customer Reviews (3.00 Stars) 1 person(s) rated this product.

Great music lousy disc

posted on 05/13/2011
3 Stars
The music is outstanding to go along with high mixing, production, and release quality... except for the record itself which was seriously warped! I wonder how much of the soundstage I am losing as the needle unloads on the downward slope of the warp!

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