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Zubin Mehta - Also Sprach Zarathustra


Lasting Impression Music



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"Some thirty years ago, I was invited by a young audiophile to audition his medium-sized system; it sounded quite good. He kept on playing those old 'sound spectacular' LPs, proud that his system could handle all of the difficult musical passages. To be fair, the selections he played were respectable…but then he asked me if I had any material that could challenge his system. I happened to have an LP with me: Also Sprach Zarathustra. I suggested that he play the beginning section of the Prelude, lasting for two minutes, and he did so willingly, confident in the ability of his system. A few minutes later, the passage complete, my young friend stood in silence. He frowned, and went to inspect the system for signs of a burnt-out component. Evidently, the passage was so overwhelmingly powerful that is had shattered his perception of the entire system. That LP has now been transferred into this album, featuring the most advanced mastering available: K2 HD. This album will put your system to task, and I shall be very interested to know whether it becomes one of your favorites, or becomes the album that shatters your system." – Winston Ma, Lasting Impression Music

1. Prelude (Sonnenaufgang) Also sprach Zarathustra Op. 30
2. Von den Hinterweltiern
3. Von der groben Sehnsucht
4. Von den Freuden und Leidenschaften
5. Das Grablied
6. Von der Wissenschaft
7. Der Genesende
8. Das Tanzlied – Das Nachtlied
9. Das Nachtwanderlied

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