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"Many music lovers know Willi Boskovsky as a conductor intent upon preserving the rich heritage of Johann Strauss-era Viennese waltzes. Boskovsky's many fine Decca recordings of Strauss family compositions are solid evidence of his commitment to this invaluable goal. However, the prominence of the Strauss recordings may overshadow the fact that Willi's other recordings, including those of Mozart's serenades, dances and marches, are amongst the finest in the world. With this disc, I have selected for you one of these inspiring recordings. The performance of the Boskovsky Ensemble, under the maestro's baton, recreates the atmosphere of a palatial dancing hall, with the vivid and elegant playing led by Willi's violin. The sound is luscious; the dynamic contrasts captivating. I trust that music lovers and audiophiles alike will fall under its spell." – Winston Ma, Lasting Impression Music

1. J. Strauss I: Tivoli-Rutsch. Waltz Op. 39
2. J. Strauss I: Jugendfeuer, Galopp Op. 90
3. J. Strauss I: Exeter, Polka Op. 249
4. J. Strauss II: Liebeslieder, Op. 114
5. Lanner: Jagers Lust, Galopp Op. 82
6. J. Strauss I: Indians Galopp Op. 111
7. Schubert: 4 Waltzes & 2 Ecossaises
8. Lanner: Pesther, Waltz Op. 93
9. Josef Strauss: Die guten, alten Zeitten, Waltz Op. 26
10. Schubert: 4 Waltzes & 4 Ecossaises

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