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For Gaucho, Fagen, Becker and their long-time producer Gary Katz employed their usual all-star lineup of musicians, among them singers Patti Austin, Michael McDonald and Valerie Simpson; guitarists Mark Knopfler, Larry Carlton, Rick Derringer and Steve Khan; horn players Michael and Randy Brecker, David Sanborn and Tom Scott; pianist Joe Sample, and drummers Steve Gadd, Rick Marotta, Jeff Porcaro and Bernard "Pretty" Purdie. The result was a pop-jazz album worthy of its illustrious predecessor, Aja.

1. Babylon Sisters
2. Hey Nineteen
3. Glamour Profession
4. Gaucho
5. Time Out Of Mind
6. My Rival
7. Third World Man

Customer Reviews (4.22 Stars) 9 person(s) rated this product.


posted on 07/23/2019
3 Stars
Reviewer: Jim VD
I have many versions of this Album and this re-issue is below avg IMO. I believe this is from the Back to Black mid 2000 releases. It was definitely pressed from the digital re-masters. Hunt for a good quality original pressing mastered from the analog masters circa 1980. Same goes for Aja for this B2B series, get an original AB1006 pressing instead.


posted on 02/25/2019
5 Stars
Reviewer: A. Frey
Great reissue, as close to analog perfection as you can get,just buy it, you won't be sorry!

Confused. . .Also, 180-Gram of "Countdown to Ecstacy" Anywhere?

posted on 03/08/2016
5 Stars
Reviewer: Mark in Rockford
How can one review, like that of “nameless reviewer,” give the pressing of this fine album two stars and everyone else evaluate it at 5 stars? (I rate the original LP and its songs 5 stars.) Are there any more recent reviews that people can post? The most recent is 2012! Also, sure would like to get a 180-gram pressing of Steely Dan’s “Countdown to Ecstasy” (their 2nd LP), but can’t seem to find one anywhere. Any ideas? Thank you everyone. Love Acoustic Sounds and great music!

sounds like an audiophile pressing.

posted on 09/19/2012
5 Stars
clean, quiet, dynamic.


posted on 10/16/2011
5 Stars
Amazing recording, lovely record, and of course, fantastic music!

Outstanding Reissue - Awesome Sonics!

posted on 05/20/2010
5 Stars
Reviewer: Abe Collins
That nameless "reviewer" who gave this re-issue just two stars and complained that it sounds dull and flat with audio drop-outs has no clue what he is talking about.

This entire album sounds wonderfully crisp, clear, dynamic, and creates vivid 3 dimensional soundstage. I just listened to the entire album and payed special attention to "Time Out of Mind". No issues at all.

It's a winner! I love it.

Wasted $20 on this

posted on 04/07/2009
2 Stars
This 180 gram vinyl reissue was made from the digital master they use to make the CD's. It sounds just like the CD, dull and flat. All the imperfections from the CD are on here also. On Time Out Of Mind the sound drops out in several spots just like the CD. If you want this LP just hunt down an original pressing from 1980. Don't waste your money like I did. Its sad because this is one the greatest albums ever.

As good as it gets.

posted on 10/26/2008
5 Stars
Reviewer: Flavio Santini
Unfortunately we don't see any works like this these days. Steely Dan has become one of my favourite bands in the last year and this album is perfect (just like Aja), incredible sound and perfect mix.

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