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Herron Audio - VTPH-2A MM/MC Tube Phono Preamp


Herron Audio



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Phono Pre Amps


"...The Herron VTPH-2 gives listeners all the benefits of a tube unit with few of the failings and a text-book technical performance to boot. It offers a level of vacuum-tube engineering (carefully combined with solid-state circuitry) that's rare at any price, unheard of at this one." - Roy Gregory, Hi-Fi+, Issue 58

The Herron VTPH-2 Phono Preamplifier was created to address the retrieval of musical information from vinyl LPs without any compromise. The original design was only intended for use by a few dedicated music lovers in their cutting edge audio systems. The design was so good, and demand so high, that the unit was refined and engineered to meet the requirements for a more durable unit manufactured in larger quantities. In the process, important refinements were developed and discoveries were made about tolerances and the threshold of human hearing limits.

Cartridge Loading:
The moving coil inputs can be loaded to a particular cartridge specification by externally connecting the appropriate resistors using the "MC LOAD" RCA connectors on the back of the unit, or they can be internally soldered at the MC INPUTS circuit board (this should only be done by a competent technician).

The moving coil inputs have no load resistors installed unless specified by the customer when the unit is ordered from Herron Audio. We recommend trying the VTPH-2 in the no-load configuration as the unit is supplied for most moving coil cartridges. 47,000 (47k) ohm RCA load plugs are supplied with the unit for optional use. Additional user specified loading plugs can also be purchased with the unit.

The moving magnet inputs are factory loaded at 47,000 (47k) ohms, 100pF (standard loading for moving magnet cartridges).

Herron VTPH-2 Vacuum Tube Phono Preamplifier Features

  • Switchable moving coil and moving magnet operating modes with separate input connectors for each
  • Additional RCA connectors for external moving coil loading
  • Cartridge biased moving coil input stage allows for infinite load resistance (operation with MC cartridge totally unloaded)
  • Class A operation
  • Passive RIAA equalization for accurate phase and amplitude response
  • Reversing power line (AC) polarity switch for minimizing line-to-chassis reactive currents and noise pickup
  • Low plate operating currents and controlled warm-up for cool operation and extended tube life
  • Low noise
  • No mechanical switches in the signal path
  • Zero feedback - no feedback loops in the audio circuitry
  • Gold plated RCA and ground connectors
  • Audio path capacitors are high quality film type
  • Hand-picked components for accurate response
  • Automatic muting at startup, shutdown, and mode selection
  • Four levels of high voltage regulation
  • Regulated soft-start DC filament and high voltage supply
  • Regulated tube bias supply
  • Toroidal power transformer
  • Front panel indicators for power, voltage, and output (mute release)

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