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"Based upon the diversity of music, quality of product and their extraordinary rate of progress, Pure Pleasure Records is our re-issue record company of the year."
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Recorded in December 1951 and 1952, Ellington Uptown joins stunning, extended works of recent vintage ("A Tone Parallel to Harlem," "The Liberian Suite," "The Controversial Suite") with fresh looks at such bona fide classics by Ellington and alter ego Billy Strayhorn, as well as "Perdido," co-written by longtime star valve trombone soloist Juan Tizol.

1. Skin Deep
2. The Mooche
3. Take the "A" Train
4. A Tone Parallel
5. Perdido

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posted on 10/27/2010
3 Stars
Reviewer: WALTER

A Lovely Job

posted on 11/14/2008
5 Stars
Reviewer: Bob Anderson
For the record (bad pun), as far as this LP goes I have 2 ML-4639 Masterworks issues (6-eye gray label), 1 Columbia archive-grade special issue ("Collector's Series," probably from the 60s, judging from the label) and a reissue from the '80s, which also appeared in parallel on CD (“Jazz Masters” series) and, based on all this background evidence, I must say that this reissue is truly a lovely job. Each one of these pressings has a slightly different "flavor" but it's all good, and this latest one is truly a welcome addition to my collection. Long after much of the popular music of recent and not-so-recent decades has faded away, Duke will still be standing there tall as ever. Excellent taste, innovative charts, superb musicianship, great attention to detail and an incredibly cohesive band will ensure this immortality.

Here's hoping that Ellington's live shows from 1968 with Tony Bennett on the vocals make their way out of the vaults someday.

Thank you!

Bob Anderson

A Perfect Record

posted on 09/30/2008
5 Stars
Reviewer: A.S.
Yup, it's basically perfect. Drop needle, silence. Horns enter bright and vivid, drums are crisp, bass is round and rich. Solos are nicely balanced with the ensemble. LOTS of detail. An excellent re-mastering. Much care was obviously used in this presentation. Musically, it's Ellington at his big-band hippest, generally speaking. Cool arrangements- "A Train" in particular. "The Mooche" also packs quite a punch. "Skin Deep" features lots of drum solo: Loud, mean drum solo. "A Tone Parallel to Harlem" covers a lot of ground. This is Ellington flexing his compositional muscles. "Perdido" rounds out the set just fine. Get this re-master. The music jumps out at you. Makes the individual of discerning taste remember why they listen to vinyl.

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