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AOZT 8006
UPC: 811792010050
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180 Gram Vinyl Record

No. of Discs: 2

180 Gram LP

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The new Ozit vinyl sets are all deluxe in terms of packaging, gatefold sleeves with PVC protective covers and all 180-gram vinyl. These sets are limited to 1,000 copies only worldwide and will not be around for too long.

This two-LP set includes the 12 tracks from the Captain's own tape of the original Bat Chain Puller album (you will never have heard these tracks in this quality). When Mojo did a feature recently on classic lost albums, this was one of the main albums featured. There are a further seven extra tracks, including five live recordings of tracks from Bat Chain Puller, plus a version of "Well Well Well" featuring Rockette Morton and a live festival performance of "My Human Gets Me Blues."

Bat Chain Puller
Seam Crooked Sam
Harry Irene
81 Poop Hatch
Flavor Bud Living
Floppy Boot Stomp
A Carrot Is As Close As A Rabbit Gets To A Diamond
Owed T'Alex
Odd Jobs
1010th Day Of The Human Totem Pole
Bat Chain Puller (Live)
Harry Irene (Live)
Flavor Bud Living (Live)
Floppy Boot Stomp (Live)
Owed T'Alex (Live)
Well, Well, Well
My Human Gets Me Blues (Live)

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Side 1 sound quality is terrible

posted on 09/28/2016
1 Stars
I wanted to love this recording so much being a big fan of Bat Chain Puller. 3 of the four sides are good enough quality but at least my copy sounds absolutely horrible on side 1. I wrote to Ozit to let them them know and got no response which I deem irresponsible along with non-responsible. But hey, it's cool green vinyl and the packaging's nice.

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