Various Artists - Fairytales Can Come True: UK Popsike From the Late '60s


Psychic Circle



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Twenty tracks of enchanting UK pop-psych, compiled by legendary psych musician and Psychic Circle label-head Nick Saloman. You'll find the pre-Fairport lain Matthews, the only single from Jackie Lomax's Lomax Alliance, Gallagher & Lyle's unique response to Pet Sounds and a Troggs-like gem from P.J. Proby's hairdresser. Compilers and collectors alike know that there was some wonderful music coming out of the UK in the late '60s and it wasn't all-out psychedelia or floor-filling blue-eyed soul. These are dazzling tracks, all very melodic and very refreshing.

1. Summer Of Last Year - The Pyramid
2. Bring A Little Lovin' - Los Bravos
3. You Kissed Him - Fred Lloyd
4. See The People - The Lomax Alliance
5. Cousin Jane - Barry Benson
6. A Boy Needs A Girl - Dreams
7. Mary Anne She - Grisby Dyke
8. Fairy Tales Can Come True - San Francisco Earthquake
9. Trees - Gallagher -Lyle
10. Umbrella Man - The Searchers
11. Penelope Breedlove - Dave Christie
12. Nine To Five - Promise
13. Keeping My Head Above Water - Peppermint Circus
14. Look Away - The Virgil Brothers
15. Upside Down Inside Out - The Snappers
16. Pumpkin Mind - Katch 22
17. Can I Go - Danny Street
18. Saturday Town - Darlings
19. Daytime - Hedgehoppers Anonymous
20. Help Me To Help Myself - The Roulettes

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