Linkin Park - Minutes to Midnight


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After a multi-platinum debut, Grammy nominations, a successful sophomore album, sold-out tours and a collaboration with Jay-Z, the pressure was on for Linkin Park to deliver the goods with their 2007 release, Minutes To Midnight. Interestingly, the alternative metal outfit, best known for mixing rap, rock and electronic touches, deviates from their aggressive, angst-filled sound on their third outing – opting instead to dabble in moody, atmospheric rock. Minutes To Midnight shows a band willing to push past their own tried-and-true formulas.

Given Up
Leave Out All The Rest
Bleed It Out
Shadow Of The Day
What I've Done
Hands Held High
No More Sorrow
Valentine's Day
In Between
In Pieces
The Little Things Give You Away

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One of the year's best!

posted on 05/11/2008
5 Stars
I love this album! It's definitely one of the year's best. I wasn't a big Linkin Park fan before, but this album, being so different, with more rock and less rap, won me over. I already liked this album on CD, but the vinyl is much more revealing of the nuances of the music, showing that Linkin Park payed close attention to detail.

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