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"A terrific and mature set finds this great tenor player displaying modal influences from Davis and Coltrane, while remaining true to his own distinct voice. A great rhythm section, strong song list, and excellent sound make for an outstanding reissue." – Playback, June 2008

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"I have my two new Blue Note LPs here and as I sit writing this I am listening to the Dexter Gordon, WOW!…sitting here listening to this wonderful music, just clean, no background noise, a black background, like the studio that they recorded this in, it is wonderful. The instruments coming out of the sound stage positioned as they were recorded, this is a real treat." – Miller Steel, Acoustic Sounds customer

"...these first five Acoustic Sounds Blue Note re-issues are pure bop genius...The best news is that Kevin Gray and Steve Hoffman were keen enough to do nothing more than gently clean up the masters, bringing us even closer to the hard bop edge. The 45 rpm pressings that I received were all super quiet with every last drop of resolution from the master tapes. I had almost forgotten just how good Paul Chambers and Phil Joe were together as the backbone of these groups. I've always loved this music but I didn't remember it sounding this good! Hank Mobley offers us some brilliant sax bits on one of Kenny Dorham's finest recordings, Whistle Stop and Dexter Gordon's performance blew me away as well. The biggest surprise were the Lee Morgan records. I suggest turning these up loud, since they possess unlimited energy and some hooks that will knock you out. Amazing! Just a small warning: Once you start playing these Blue Note recordings you will be hooked. The good news is that Acoustic Sounds is working on at least 20 more of these jazz gems. So make sure your turntable has a setting for 45 rpm, clean your stylus occassionally, and get ready to be transported to nirvana." - Dan Babineau, Tone Audio, No. 14 2008,

"I have just listened, in succession, to my mono and early stereo versions of each LP. I have purchased other similar reissues over the years, but find the engineering and pressing of this 45rpm/180 series to be superior to all to others. This is particularly since I find many new releases to be of inferior quality or handling during manufacture, despite being re-engineered and of heavier vinyl." – Barry Paulson, Acoustic Sounds customer

Dexter Gordon connects immediately with the sublime rhythm section of Kenny Drew, Paul Chambers and Philly Joe Jones on this, his second Blue Note album. The material ranges from Drew originals to pieces from Gordon's score for the Los Angeles production of "The Connection" to stunning performances of the standards "The End Of A Love Affair" and "Smile."

Recorded in 1961.

Paul Chambers, bass
Kenny Drew, piano
Dexter Gordon, sax (tenor)
Philly Joe Jones, drums


Soul Sister
Modal Mood
I Want More
The End of a Love Affair
Clear the Dex
Ernie's Tune

Customer Reviews (5.00 Stars) 4 person(s) rated this product.

A dream !

posted on 09/10/2008
5 Stars
My old issue was so poor after many use !

This réissue has all the music but add a gorgeous sound !

Thank's The Acoustic Sound Folks.

Gilles, France

Fantastic sound

posted on 04/23/2008
5 Stars
Reviewer: Dino
Not the best record from Dexter Gordon, about me. I prefer Our Man in Paris, but a very interesting record with astonishing sound, full dynamics and details. Recommended!

Essential !

posted on 04/07/2008
5 Stars
Reviewer: A. Wint
Superb sonics accompany this great music! If you haven't invested in a decent turntable before, now is the time!

Dexter's Calling! You best pick this one up!

posted on 04/02/2008
5 Stars
Reviewer: Miller Steel
I am listening to this LP and there is nothing but music here. I have no surface noise, not a pop or click, nothing other than the pure jazz that Rudy Van Gelder recorded so long ago. The sound of that music is so clean, from the cymbals at the top, the snare drum, the piano, the stand up bass, then the Sax and Horn come in.... Just amazing. If this is your kind of music and this is something you can do for yourself then please, by all means, sign up for this series. If you have the stereo to enjoy these LP's they sure will give you pleasure every time you give them a listen, be it critical or casual.

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