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With its splendidly colorful, finely balanced instrumentation, effective choral writing and virtuoso solos, the oratorio Solomon displays the complete range and variety of Handel's expressive capabilities. The recording presents the complete masterpiece, without any deletions, as Handel conceived it. This sets it apart from the myriad of recordings which are either abridged or have altered the sequence of the work.

Your harps and cymbals
Air (Levite): Praise ye the Lord
With pious heart
Air (Solomon): Almighty pow'r
Recitative (Zadok): Imperial Solomon
Air (Zadok): Sacred raptures cheer my breast
Throughout the land
Recitative (Solomon): Bless'd be the Lord
Air (Solomon): What though I trace
Recitative (Solomon): And see my queen
Air (Queen): Bless'd the day
Recitative (Solomon): Thou fair inhabitant
Duet (Queen, Solomon): Welcome
Recitative (Zadok): Vain are the transient beauties
Air (Zodak): Indulge thy faith
Recitative (Solomon): My blooming fair
Air (Solomon): Haste, haste
Recitative (Queen): When thou art absent
Air (Queen): With thee th'unshelter'd moor
Recitative (Zadok): Search round the world
May no rash intruder
From the censer
Recitative (Solomon): Prais'd be the Lord
Air (Solomon): When the sun
Recitative (Levite): Great prince
Air (Levite): Thrice bless'd
Recitative (Attendant, Solomon, First Harlot): My sovereign liege
Trio (First Harlot, Second Harlot, Solomon): Words are weak
Recitative (Solomon, Second Harlot): What says the other
Air (Second Harlot): Thy sentence
Recitative (First Harlot): Withhold, withhold the executing hand
Air (First Harlot): Can I see my infant
Recitative (Solomon): Israel, attend
Duet (First Harlot and Solomon): Thrice bless'd be the king
From the east
Recitative (Zadok): From morn to eve
Air (Zadok): See the tall palm
Recitative (First Harlot): No more shall
Air (First Harlot): Beneath the vine
Swell, swell
Symphony: Arrival of Queen of Sheba
Recitative (Queen of Sheba, Solomon): From Arabia's spicy shores
Air (Queen of Sheba): Ev'ry sight
Recitative (Solomon): Sweep, sweep
Solo and Chorus (Solomon & Israelites): Music, spread thy voice around
Solo and Chorus (Solomon & Israelites): Now a diff'rent measure try
Recitative (Solomon): Then at once
Draw the tear
Recitative (Solomon): Next the totur'd soul
Solo and Chorus (Solomon & Israelites): Thus rolling surges rise
Recitative (Queen of Sheba): Thy harmony's divine
Air (Levite): Pious king
Recitative (Zadok): Thrice happy
Air (Zadok): Golden columns
Praise the Lord
Recitative (Solomon): Gold now is common
Air (Solomon): How green
Recitative (Queen of Sheba): May peace
Air (Queen of Sheba): Will the sun
Recitative (Solomon): Adieu, fair queen
Duet (Queen of Sheba & Solomon): Ev'ry joy
The name of the wicked

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