Pink Floyd - The Dark Side Of The Moon


Mobile Fidelity



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UMOB 1017

Preowned Vinyl Record

This item is Preowned.
Grade: Mint Minus
This item is not sealed and has most likely been played before.

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Mild shelf wear on cover

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My favorite vinyl release of this album

posted on 05/10/2015
5 Stars
I have a copy of this that I got for $50, and it is as near-mint as I can imagine. There are no clicks or pops associated with the record I have. With that said, I wanted to review this album for a potential buyer.

If the record is in near mint condition you can expect great clarity, silky sound, a wide soundstage and jarring moments (when the cash register rings, or the alarm clocks go off). There is no tape hiss that I can hear. I have the latest SACD of this album, and I rate this record way better in terms of sound. However, I think the midrange of the SACD may have been boosted a bit because the record doesn't seem as dynamic. The record seems smoother, but actually more detailed than the SACD. So far, this is my favorite version of this album.

As I mentioned, I got this album for $50 at The Exchange (in 2015), and I believe I got my money worth. It seems almost perfect to me. I mention this because if you pay more, you really should expect a perfect record.

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