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Speakers Corner (Columbia)



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"It was due or die for Toto on the group's fourth album, and they rose to the challenge. Largely dispensing with anonymous studio rock that had characterized their first three releases, the band worked harder on its melodies, made sure its simple lyrics treated romantic subjects, augmented Bobby Kimball's vocals by having other group members sing, brought in ringers like Timothy B. Schmit, and slowed down the tempo to what came to be known as 'power ballad' pace. Most of all, they wrote some hit songs." – All Music Guide

1. Rosanna
2. Make Believe
3. I Won't Hold You Back
4. Good For You
5. It's A Feeling
6. Afraid Of Love
7. Lovers In The Night
8. We Made It
9. Waiting For Your Love
10. Africa

Customer Reviews (3.83 Stars) 6 person(s) rated this product.

Fantastic re-issue of a classic

posted on 04/11/2023
4 Stars
Reviewer: joey1127
If you were of record buying age in the 80's, you remember this album. It had 3 Radio favorites, Rossana, I won't Hold You Back, and Africa. This reissue is fantastic. Note that you MUST clean this record right out the gate and replace the sleeve as it's full of static, pops, and ticks. Once cleaned, it sounds fantastic like all the Speakers Corner releases do!


posted on 03/03/2014
2 Stars
I've been really impressed with the speakers corner records in the past but this one really was disappointing. Full of hicks and background noise. Did I inherited a monday morning copy, I don't know, but I was really hoping for a lot more. I would not recommend my copy.


posted on 06/10/2013
3 Stars
Reviewer: Lee
I have to agree with The Gonz - it is definitely too bassy. This is evident from the start with "Rosanna", and particularly in the closing band work-out in the song. Some of the excitement of the track is taken out due to the top end being suppressed. I went back to my 1982 UK original that I brought when it first came out and was much more moved and involved. Toto IV is not that well recorded anyway, in my view - "Turn Back" was far better. Nor, strangley, was it Toto's finest, even though the most successful by far. I won't be playing the SC version again, it's back to my original in future. I wonder if Joe Reagoso did a better job on the FM re-issue.

Good but a little boomy

posted on 05/10/2013
4 Stars
Reviewer: The Gonz
Good clarity but unlike the original 1982 pressing which I have been listening to for a long while, I found this one a little bit too heavy on the low notes i.e. bass. Played both on same system, hence the conclusion.

Superb Sound Quality

posted on 12/14/2012
5 Stars
This is an over the top superb sounding record! Speaker's Corner is very impressive. This is definitely the one to buy.

Incredible Detail

posted on 10/22/2012
5 Stars
Reviewer: Robert
This pressing has revealed a lot more complexity than I have heard on other formats.

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