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180 Gram Vinyl Record

No. of Discs: 2

180 Gram LP  

Half-speed mastered from original tapes.
2005 Grammy Awards for Genius Loves Company:
Record Of The Year

Here We Go Again
Ray Charles & Norah Jones
John Burk, producer; Terry Howard & Al Schmitt, engineers/mixers

Album Of The Year

Best Pop Collaboration With Vocals
Here We Go Again
Ray Charles & Norah Jones

Best Pop Vocal Album

Best Gospel Performance
Heaven Help Us All
Ray Charles & Gladys Knight

Best Instrumental Arrangement Accompanying Vocalist(s)
Over The Rainbow
Victor Vanacore, arranger (Ray Charles & Johnny Mathis)

Best Engineered Album, Non-Classical
Robert Fernandez, John Harris, Terry Howard, Pete Karam, Joel Moss, Seth Presant, Al Schmitt & Ed Thacker, engineers (Ray Charles & Various Artists)

Best Surround Sound Album
Al Schmitt, surround mix engineer; Robert Hadley & Doug Sax, surround mastering
engineers; John Burk, Phil Ramone & Herbert Waltl, surround producers (Ray
Charles & Various Artists)

The last studio album completed by the untouchable Ray Charles before his death. Charles sings a dozen duets with a dazzling array of guest artists from virtually every genre. "We cover it all," Charles said, "from country to R&B, pop, rock and blues. I’ve never let them put me in a little box, and this (record) expresses that open feeling. A beautiful song is a beautiful song - and to sing with so many beautiful singers is a blessing from God." Genius Loves Company stands as a remarkable hallmark in a remarkable career, including duets with Norah Jones, Elton John, Van Morrison, Diana Krall, Natalie Cole, James Taylor, Bonnie Raitt, Willie Nelson, Michael McDonald, B.B. King, Gladys Knight and Johnny Mathis.

Mastered by Stan Ricker from half-inch analog tape at 30 inches per second.

"I'm here to tell you that if you loved the CD, you'll absolutely flip over the LP. Dennis Cassidy of Pure Audiophile wisely chose this album for his latest release, and once again he had the wisdom to have it mastered by Stan Ricker, the best damn mastering engineer in the known or unknown universe...The LP bests the CD in almost every important way. For example, Norah Jones' voice on the first cut of the LP sounds more natural, seductive, and involving, capturing more of the subtlety, while eliminating the tizz and digitals of the CD...The collaboration with Willie Nelson on "It Was A Very Good Year" will send chills down your spine, especially considering that Ray passed away not long after this was recorded, and the song is about two aging gentlemen reminiscing about their lives. Willie's voice is recorded here in stark relief, perhaps the best I have ever heard it...Please support Dennis Cassidy and Pure Audiophile and buy this album. It's an absolute stunner, and is a tribute to everyone involved." Sound = 10/10; Performance = 10/10; Music = 10/10 - Dave Glackin, Positive Feedback Online, Issue 20

Side One
Here We Go Again - Features Norah Jones
Sweet Potato Pie - Features James Taylor
You Don't Know Me - Features Diana Krall

Side Two
Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word - Features Elton John
Fever - Features Natalie Cole
Do I Ever Cross Your Mind - Features Bonnie Raitt

Side Three
It Was A Very Good Year - Features Willie Nelson
Hey Girl - Features Michael McDonald
Sinner's Prayer - Features B.B. King

Side Four
Heaven Help Us All - Features Gladys Knight
Somewhere Over The Rainbow - Features Johnny Mathis
Crazy Love - Features Van Morrison

Customer Reviews (4.20 Stars) 5 person(s) rated this product.

It is spelled Genius, Norm, and its a fine LP!

posted on 02/16/2015
5 Stars
Reviewer: Andrew Ballew
Norm, I am reminded of that Far Side cartoon in which a student is pushing the door marked 'pull' as he enters the a school for the 'gifted'. Seems like your 'review' is more a blatant attack on vinyl than a review of this album. I can assure you and everyone else that this is a fine sounding LP. Tracks well, and has low surface noise. And PLENTY of high frequency extension. If you feel it sounds like a wet blanket, then, there is something simply defective with your vinyl setup. If you even have one.


posted on 10/12/2014
1 Stars
Reviewer: Norm
The music and arrangement on this lp is pure genius. One of Ray Charles finest works. Listening to the vinyl is like hearing the music with a blanket over the speakers compared to the CD. Shame on the people that released this master- piece on vinyl.

Audiophile Sound Fest

posted on 09/04/2012
5 Stars
Reviewer: Bruce
On a well setup and tuned system, Ray and the gang are in your lap and room! A sonic treat ad worth every penny. Take this with you on your next outing to the audio store.

One of the best

posted on 12/15/2008
5 Stars
Reviewer: Ross Peterson
Try comparing this to the cd and see if you can hear the difference. You'd have to be deaf not to notice the superiority of the vinyl. This is right up there in my top ten recordings for musical content and sound quality. In my estimation as good as it gets! 5 stars+++


posted on 11/08/2008
5 Stars
Reviewer: Bruce
Easy to see why this won 8 Grammys. Even better, this is one of the best mastered and manufactured "Audiophile" records I've ever heard - and I've heard many (many, many). Outstanding! The folks over at Classic ought to listen to this to see how it's supposed to be done.

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