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Pete Yorn returns with Nightcrawler, his third studio album. Once again, Yorn displays his brilliant songwriting ability and his impressive vocal talents. Truly a rock record, exemplified by the powerful single "For Us," Pete has really come into his own and has taken his sound to soaring heights.

"More daring and challenging than anything Pete Yorn's done up to now." – Paste Magazine

1. Vampyre
2. For Us
3. Undercover
4. Policies
5. The Man
6. Maybe I'm Right
7. Same Thing
8. Alive
9. Splendid Isolation
10. Broken Bottle
11. How Do You Go On?
12. Ice Age
13. Georgie Boy
14. Bandstand In The Sky

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Pete Yorn does it again!

posted on 04/27/2009
4 Stars
Solid songwriting and mesmerizing music. A great follow-up to his last album. Pete continues to impress with intriguing and thoughtful lyrics. Yorn is creative in his approach to the production of his tunes. This is not bubble-gum pop, but well thought-out, critical thinking. I like where Pete has been, and where he is going. If you like Pete, don't miss this release.

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