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Hybrid Multichannel SACD


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It has been said about HK Gruber that he "throws off labels as fast as pundits can affix them. Neo-romantic, neo-tonal, neo-expressionistic, neo-Viennese: he isn't any of these things, so much as a sentient composer who keeps responding to whatever musical stimulus, be it highbrow or lowbrow, 12-tone or 7-tone, bitter or sweet, that comes his way." The program on this disc demonstrates many of Gruber's facets.

HK Gruber: Rough Music - Concerto for percussion and orchestra
1. I. Toberac
2. II. Shivaree
3. III.Charivari (pour Henri Sauguet, au tombeau de Monsieur le Pauvre)

Zeitstimmung (Time Shadow) for chansonnier and orchestra to texts by H.C. Artmann
4. golddrachen
5. exempel der pyrofilie
6. die zeit der fliegenden fische
7. eine laus im uhrgehäuse
8. caspar, ein meister
9. wer in die hölle kommt
10. der graf mit dem einglas
11. gewehr bei fuß
12. schnorrhabardian
13. wenn du in den prater kommst
14. die sintflut
15. mene tekel
16. fenster ins freie

Johann Strauss II
17. Perpetuum mobile. A Musical Joke, Op.257

HK Gruber
18. Charivari. An Austrian Journal for Orchestra

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