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Ornette Coleman gets down to business on his second album for the Contemporary label, Tomorrow Is The Question, recorded in 1959.

"On his second outing for the Contemporary label, Ornette dusted the piano from the bandstand and focused instead on a quartet. For some unexplained reason, Billy Higgins was replaced by Shelly Manne; the only constants remain Coleman and Don Cherry. The focus, then, is on the interplay between the altoist and trumpeter in executing Ornette's tunes, which were, more than on the preceding album (Something Else!, recorded a year earlier), knottier and tighter in their arrangement style.

"The odd-syncopation style of the front line on numbers such as 'Tears Inside,' which comes out of the box wailing and then simmers down into a moody, swinging blues, was a rough transition for the rhythm section. And the more Ornette and Cherry try to open it up into something more free and less attached to the tune's form, the more Manne and especially bassist Percy Heath hang on. Still, there are great moments here: for example, the celebratory freedom of 'Giggin,' with its wonderful trumpet solo, and 'Rejoicing,' which has become one of Coleman's classics for its elongated melody line and simple obbligato phrasing, which become part of a wonderfully complex solo that keeps the blues firmly intact. The final track, 'Endless,' is pure magic. After Manne carries it in 6/8," — AllMusic

Side 1
1. Tomorrow Is The Question!
2. Tears Inside
3. Mind and Time
4. Compassion
5. Giggin’
6. Rejoicing

Side 2
7. Lorraine
8. Turnaround
9. Endless

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