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E VP29
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Bellari hit a home run with their VP129 tube phono preamp. Stereophile, The Absolute Sound and Hi-Fi+ all raved about that little beauty. Now, we're offering the solid-state version. Again made in the U.S.A. and again a great entry-point for those looking to take the next step in listening pleasure by adding a dedicated phono stage. You can't do better for less than $100. 

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Don't waste your money.

posted on 09/19/2007
1 Stars
Reviewer: Erik
I bought this little unit for temporary use when I got a Goldring turntable. I eventually bought the Bellari VP129, which is way better. The VP29 gets easily overloaded during loud passages causing unpleasant distortion, especially if you're playing rock music. If you're just getting into vinyl and you're on a budget, overlook this unit and go straight for the VP129, which is a great preamp at a very affordable price.

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