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Carbon graphite fabric is extremely stiff, which means it transfers energy from one end to another extremely effectively. By keeping the fiber as thin as possible, and bundling up thousands of them, at least 1000 fibers per centimeter square, carbon graphite composite absorbs and dissipates undesirable energy such as from the stylus/groove interaction and air-borne acoustic feedback. The energy gets dissipated and becomes heat rather than be trapped by mass and radiated back to the transducer over time. The highly conductive nature of the carbon graphite also eliminates static completely, and provides extra shielding for the sensitive cartridge coils.

The Speed is extremely thin (no adjustment to VTA), 0.47mm, to be exact. It can be laid over any turntable platter or any mat material (None Felt, Felt, Rubber, whatever) and it offers a tremendous performance boost. The most significant changes include: expanding the dynamics, the bass drops deeper, and the treble is now cleanly defined and extended. It seems like the Signal-Noise ratio of the system just expanded, as the volume control can be increased at least 2 notches yet without feeling too loud - the soundstage just gets wider and deeper. With the Speed, the vinyl playback becomes extremely accurate and very precise. The attack and decay are fast and furious.

The 'Speed' includes a None-Felt Mat with detail instructions.

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Might work on some tables

posted on 03/14/2016
1 Stars
I tried this mat on both my Project Debut Carbon and my Thorens turntable. I only bought it because there's some reviews out there that claim it helps with static. From my experience, it actually increases static. When I remove the LP from the platter, the mat sticks to the record. None of the other mats I've tried have that issue. The spindle hole on this mat is huge. It is even too big for my Thorens which has an oversized spindle. This mat did not improve the sound of my records in any way whatsoever. Maybe it would work on some other turntables, but I have doubts.

More there, there

posted on 04/28/2007
5 Stars
Reviewer: Rick
used on a pro-ject 5 w/clearaudio cart. it really made an impact on the dynamics of the recording. adding more "there" there! the felt mat is a bit thick though. you'll have to adjust vta with the mat, but it's worth the effort.

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