Nitty Gritty - 45 Rpm Disc Adapter - All Models

Nitty Gritty - 45 Rpm Disc Adapter - All Models

Nitty Gritty



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Accessories for Record Cleaning Machines

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For cleaning 7" records on units with automatic rotation (except for Mini-Pro). It is placed over the spindle of the record cleaner, and positions the 7" record to engage the capstan drive.

Instructions for use:
Note: All instructions are given from the perspective of the Side of the machine having the Nitty Gritty Logo.
1. Remove the record platform, teflon bushing (if any) and the "O" ring by gently pulling them straight up. Set them aside.
2. Take the wedge shaped adapter and mate the hole of the adapter with the spindle of the Nitty Gritty cleaning machine. Be sure that the square notch of the adapter fits around the vacuum lips of the machine.
3. Remove the disc stabilizer by firmly lifting up on its black rubber portion.
4. Apply or inject cleaning fluid (as usual) to the vac-sweep lips. Saturate the fibers.
5. Insert the edge of the record under the "lip" of the rubber capstan, gently pulling back on the capstan until the record can be lowered onto the adapter's spindle.
6. Replace the record stabilizer. Make sure it is fully seated.
7. Activate the drive motor and continue with the remainder of the procedure for cleaning. It may be necessary to hold down the stabilizer when the record is in the rotating mode - this is a product of the variation in record sizes and the variation of tension on the capstan.

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