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4LP 180-gram limited edition clear vinyl in slipcase

Live album featuring the soundtrack to the new Porcupine Tree concert film!

Closure/Continuation.Live, the brand new Porcupine Tree concert film and live album, is out now! It documents the band's November 7, 2022 performance at Amsterdam's 17,000 capacity Ziggo Dome. Performed as part of the setlist is every song from the band's 11th studio album Closure/Continuation, along with favorites including "Trains," "Blackest Eyes," "Fear of a Blank Planet" and "Anesthetize."

Closure/Continuation.Live features Porcupine Tree alongside touring musicians Randy McStine (guitars) and Nate Navarro (bass). The 4LP bundle on 180-gram limited edition clear vinyl includes a slipcase, individual sleeves and inner bags.

Hailed as a genre-leading, and defying alternative rock band, Porcupine Tree's inimitable sound flirts between a multitude of styles including classic rock, downturned metal, and expanding electronics.

Closure/Continuation.Live was released to a clean sweep of glowing reviews. It reached No. 2 on the U.K. album chart, No. 1 in Germany, and was Top 10 all across Europe. The live album documents the band's return to the stage perfectly. A live recording captured on Nov. 7, 2022 at Amsterdam's 17,000 capacity Ziggo Dome, it places the listener/viewer right at the stage for the duration of the show. Psychotropic visuals explode behind the band as they play a superlative set of songs that feature — to use Steven Wilson's words — "no hits," where each one is received like an anthem from an alternate universe.

Closure/Continuation.Live includes recordings of much of their 2022 reunion album (including the singles "Harridan" and "Of The New Day" as well as classic tracks such as "Trains," "Fear Of A Blank Planet" and "Anesthetize."

Side A
1. Blackest Eyes
2. Harridan
3. Of the New Day

Side B
1. Rats Return
2. Even Less
3. Drown with Me

Side C
1. Dignity
2. Sound of Muzak
3. Last Chance to Evacuate Planet Earth

Side D
1.Chimera's Wreck
2. Fear of a Blank Planet

Side E
1. Buying New Soul
2. Walk the Plank
3. Sentimental

Side F
1. Anesthetize

Side G
1. Herd Culling
2. I Drive the Hearse
3. Sleep Together

Side H
1. Collapse the Light into Earth
2. Halo
3. Trains

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