Faye Webster - Underdressed At The Symphony

Faye Webster - Underdressed At The Symphony


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Faye Webster — Underdressed At The Symphony

Faye Webster's songs are direct lines to the human subconscious, and Underdressed at the Symphony documents what happens once you begin to build a new self from the ashes of your old routines. This rebirth isn't flashy or
definitive, but is instead a series of seemingly mundane moments that, scattered across weeks and months, sneak their way toward something like healing. Yes, there's a breakup in play, but Webster is not documenting the heartbreak of a breakup so much as she's navigating the contours of heartbreak itself.

Recorded at Sonic Ranch Studios in Texas with her longtime band, Webster is accompanied on Underdressed at the Symphony by Matt Stoessel's arcs of shimmering pedal steel, the plaintive, unhurried drums of Charles Garner, and, occasionally, additional guitarwork from Wilco's Nels Cline. The title of the album refers to Webster's post-breakup compulsion to visit the symphony on a whim, usually buying a ticket at the last possible second.


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Underdressed at the Symphony

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