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Montrose's self-titled debut album smash!

180-gram limited edition clear red vinyl

Features the hits "Rock The Nation," "Bad Motor Scooter," "Make It Last" and "Good Rockin' Tonight"

In 1973 a hard-working rock band named Montrose set the world on fire with their debut album simply called Montrose. Ronnie Montrose's guitar work was that of legendary proportions even that early on and what he also brought to the game was a newcomer and future superstar Sammy Hagar to the hard rock music world.

With heavy pile drivers such as "Bad Motor Scooter" and "Rock The Nation," the album and the band Montrose rose to fame rather quickly and became trailblazers for many hard rock outfits for years to follow.

Produced by Ted Templeman (Van Halen/The Doobie Brothers) and Montrose, the Montrose album was full of great songs and superstar delivery from Ronnie Montrose (guitars) and Sammy Hagar (vocals), as well as a solid rhythm section provided by Denny Carmassi (drums) and Bill Church (bass). This quartet rocked the house then and now with tunes such as "Rock Candy," "Make It Last" and the Roy Brown classic "Good Rockin' Tonight."

In honor and celebration of five decades of their debut hard rockin' album, Friday Music is pleased to announce the stunning 180 gram audiophile clear red vinyl release of Montrose.

Mastered impeccably by Joe Reagoso from the original Warner Records tapes at Friday Music Studios, this amazing debut continues to resonate and bring hard rockin' excitement with every listen.

Indeed, the Montrose album is truly a defining masterwork from 1973, which continues to this day to stand the classic rock test of time.

For this amazing super limited edition release, we have also included the original LP artwork with photos by the renowned Norman Seeff.


1. One Thing On My Mind
2. Good Rockin' Tonight
3. Bad Motor Scooter
4. Rock the Nation
5. Space Station No. 5
6. I Don't Want It
7. Make It Last
8. Rock Candy

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