Skrillex - Quest For Fire

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Coming July 07, 2023


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Skrillex's Quest For Fire 12" translucent ruby colored vinyl

The dubstep disruptor returns with a search for the most fire beats in the land, plus a few of the sickest drops for good measure, on Quest For Fire, which is the companion to a second album Don't Get Too Close, both released in late February 2023.

On Quest For Fire, special guests are stuffed in tight, from headline-grabbing heavyweights (Four Tet, Missy Elliott, Mr. Oizo) to underground choices primed to surprise the music nerds — artists like Bristol bass sculptor Joker and experimental percussionist Eli Keszler.

Pitchfork says Quest for Fire is a huge evolution from the brash, stadium-sized ragers of Skrillex 1.0. He's finally absorbed the fundamentals of dance music: basic stuff, like having a rhythm that makes you want to move your body. Everything rolls along like it's actually going somewhere-not a flatulent dubstep waddle, but an aerodynamic gallop that brings to mind a deeper lineage of loud and obnoxious dance music, from the technical end of drum'n'bass to "proper" dubstep, Northern bassline, and Chicago juke.

"Skrillex will probably always make the kind of extreme and emotional music that appeals to angsty kids and nostalgic grown-ups. He'll always be the emo guy on a hoverboard who wants to take his girlfriend to Disneyland, the guy who imagines himself as a sad-eyed 3D hedgehog (don't get too close!). The endearing dweebiness runs eternal, as do other qualities. Perhaps he's not capable of disrupting another industry in his lifetime, but with Quest for Fire and Don't Get Too Close he's still intent on shaking things up, fuelled by nothing but boundless enthusiasm. And when the dust clears, his mid-career rebrand-Skrillex 2.0, if you like-will rise from the rubble." — Pitchfork


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