Grant Lee Buffalo - Mighty Joe Moon

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Limited edition 180-gram colored vinyl reissue

Mighty Joe Moon is the second studio album by Grant Lee Buffalo, originally released in 1994.

"Created against the backdrop of the American wasteland, Mighty Joe Moon introduces vast rock textures with traces of southern alternatwang. Layered with guitar, banjo, Dobro, cello, mandolin, accordion, harmonica, pump organ, tablas, and 'acquired hunks of metal,' the band reconfigures sound with rustic debauchery.

"The strident vocal work of singer-songwriter Grant Lee Phillips generates folk mythology and political commentary with a nod to disparate class distinctions. Recounting individualized stories, outland tracks such as 'Demon Called Deception' portray personal struggles against manifest destiny, while tender ballads such as 'Mockingbirds' and 'Honey Don't Think' maintain the balance. Given its earnest overtones, the nature of the album is uplifting at its core as it lingers with emotional affinities that touch upon the notion of simple livelihood." —

Side A
Lone Star Song
It's The Life
Sing Along
Mighty Joe Moon
Demon Called Deception
Lady Godiva And Me
Side B
Last Days Of Tecumseh
Honey Don't Think
Side By Side
Rock Of Ages

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