Tangerine Dream - Zeit

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Double orange colored vinyl

Remastered, limited to 1,000 copies

Gatefold jacket with original album art

Printed inner sleeves and original record label art

Often (and quite correctly) cited as a landmark release in Tangerine Dream's illustrious canon, Zeit remains an important touchstone for two specific reasons. It was the first Tangerine Dream LP to feature both the band's "classic" 1970s line-up of Froese, Franke, and Peter Baumann, as well as widespread usage of their future staple, the Moog synthesizer.

More presciently, though, it could also credibly be argued that Zeit was the world's first fully realized album of ambient music, as it arrived in the shops a whole calendar year prior to Robert Fripp and Brian Eno's similarly ground-breaking (No Pussyfooting).

Regardless of its stellar reputation, Zeit ("Time" in English) remains a significant challenge for all save the most avid of listeners. A double-disc set running to 75 minutes, it came housed in an enigmatic sleeve depicting a total eclipse; the music it contained was — and remains — the very epitome of brooding starkness.

Zeit is subtitled Largo in Four Movements. Package includes: OBI strip, Gatefold jacket with two pockets, printed inner sleeves, double orange color vinyl.

Side A
First Movement: Birth of Liquid Plejades
Side B
Second Movement: Nebulous Dawn
Side C
Third Movement: Origin Of Supernatural Possibilities
Side D
Fourth Movement: Zeit

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