Phish - LP on LP 04 (Ghost 5/22/00)

 (Limited Edition Color Vinyl)


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Phish — recorded live on May 22, 2000 at Radio City Music Hall, N.Y.!

Mixed from the multitrack masters by Vance Powell

Limited edition colored vinyl pressing

The fourth volume in the "LP on LP" vinyl series is Ghost from the second of two Radio City Music Hall shows. These were the first full-length Phish shows in five months, falling at the end of a week of promotional appearances celebrating the release of Farmhouse. The Radio City Ghost stood out — bringing a kaleidoscopic dance party that lit up the room with millennial intensity. "LP on LP 04" was recorded by Paul Languedoc and mixed from the multitrack masters by Vance Powell.

Side A
1. Ghost

Side B
1. Ghost

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