Transplants - Transplants

 (20th Anniversary Limited Edition Galaxy Blue Colored Vinyl)





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Limited edition 20th Anniversary Edition

Blue Galaxy colored vinyl 2LP reissue

The Transplants are Tim Armstrong (Rancid), Travis Barker (Blink182) and Rob Aston. Their sound is a highly original mix of stylistic influences that never strays too far from the home base of Punk Rock while managing to incorporate such disparate elements as blistering Hardcore Guitars, Hip-Hop and Dance Hall beats, Rap rhymes, and an overall un-wavering dedication to the spirit of Rock ‘N' Roll. Newly reissued on Blue Galaxy Vinyl to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their debut album.



Side A
1. Romper Stomper
2. Tall Cans in the Air
3. D.J. D.J

Side B
1. Diamonds and Guns
2. Quick Death
3. Sad But True

Side C
1. Weigh on My Mind
2. One Seventeen
3. California Babylon

Side D
1. We Trusted You
2. D.R.E.A.M
3. Down in Oakland

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