Various Artists - Lofi Minnie: Focus

 (Limited Edition Purple Orchid Vinyl)


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Limited edition "Purple Orchid" vinyl

Listen to iconic Disney hits featuring some of Minnie's favorite songs reimagined by top artists in the Lofi space with a chill new vibe perfect for studying, creating, or unwinding.

Side A
1. Hakuna Matata - Purrple Cat, Disney, Disney Lofi
2. How Far I'll Go - Philanthrope, Disney, Disney Lofi
3. Go the Distance - Mommy, Disney, Disney Lofi
4. Into the Unknown - Hippo Dreams, Disney, Disney Lofi, Julia Henderson
5. A Whole New World - eevee, Disney, Disney Lofi

Side B
1. Un Poco Loco - Krynoze, Disney, Disney Lofi
2. Almost There - Otesla, Disney, Disney Lofi
3. I Just Can't Wait to Be King - Epona, Disney, Disney Lofi
4. You've Got a Friend in Me - Jazzinuf, Disney, Disney Lofi
5. Under the Sea - Kupla, Disney, Disney Lofi

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