Fountains Of Wayne - Out-Of-State Plates

 (Limited Edition Junkyard Swirl Colored Vinyl)


Real Gone Music



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ARGM 1464
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Vinyl Record

No. of Discs: 2


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Side A
1. Number 45 Sunblock
2. Maureen
3. California Sex Lawyer
4. Janice’s Party
5. Karpet King
6. Baby I’ve Changed
7. I Know You Well

Side B
1. You’re Just Never Satisfied
2. I’ll Do the Driving
3. Nightlight
4. I Want You Around
5. Trains and Boats and Planes
6. Places
7. Can’t Get It Out of My Head

Side C
1. City Folk Morning
2. The Girl I Can’t Forget
3. Baby One More Time
4. Elevator Up
5. Comedienne
6. Kid Gloves
7. Today’s Teardrops

Side D
1. She’s Got a Problem
2. These Days
3. I Want an Alien for Christmas
4. The Man in the Santa Suit
5. Chanukah Under the Stars
6. Killermont Street
7. Half a Woman
8. Small Favors
9. Imperia

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