Luna - Lunapark

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Vinyl Record

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Coming February 10, 2023


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Double LP

First time Luna's classic Elektra debut is available on vinyl in the U.S.!

Expanded to include previously unreleased pre-Elektra demos

Individually numbered in deluxe packaging, with never-before-seen photos

Luna's 1992 debut (originally released under the short-lived band name Luna 2 for contractual reasons) got most of its press due to Dean Wareham's former position as leader of the critically adored Galaxie 500, but his new cohorts Justin Harwood (bass) and Stanley Demeski (drums) were fresh from stints in the Chills and the Feelies, respectively. A rarity among albums by this type of alt-rock supergroup, Lunapark sounds like an appealing conglomeration of some of the best aspects of all three participants' former bands.

The album spawned two college radio hits, the deliciously depressive "Slide" (with its memorable opening line, "You can never give the finger to the blind") and the jittery, propulsive "Slash Your Tires," but nearly all of the 12 songs have memorable guitar hooks, stick-in-your-head choruses, and a newfound sense of humor in Wareham's deadpan lyrics.



Side A
1. Slide
2. Anesthesia
3. Slash Your Tires
4. Crazy People
5. Time
6. Smile

Side B
1. I Can’t Wait
2. Hey Sister
3. I Want Everything
4. Time To Quit
5. Goodbye
6. We’re Both Confused

Side C
1. Anesthesia (Fun City Demo)
2. I Can’t Wait (Fun City Demo)
3. Time (Fun City Demo)
4. Crazy People (Fun City Demo)
5. Slash Your Tires (Fun City Demo)

Side D
1. Slide (Toxic Shock Demo)
2. Time To Quit (Toxic Shock Demo)
3. Hey Sister (Toxic Shock Demo)
4. Goodbye (Toxic Shock Demo)
5. Egg Nog (Mixolydian) **bonus track

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