Ryuichi Sakamoto - Exception

 (Limited Edition Soundtrack From The Netflix Anime Series on Red Vinyl)


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Red vinyl double LP

Exception — Limited edition soundtrack from the Netflix Anime Series

Exception is a sci-fi horror set in a future where humans have been driven from Earth. It follows a space mission crew searching for a planet suitable for terraforming. This isn't your run-of-the-mill spaceship crew, however — these folks have been 3D printed and one of them has been printed with a deformity.

Written by Hirotaka Adachi (aka Otsuichi) and directed by Yuzo Sato, the anime asks "what makes us human?"

It's an interesting premise and its soundtrack is in the safe hands of Sakamoto.

"I wanted to make the main theme a symphonic piece-the kind that has become a staple in science fiction since Star Wars. As for the soundtrack as a whole, I worked towards keeping it darkly ambient, wanting it to feel like one piece of music rather than separated by scene," explains Sakamoto. "That said, I did include a degree of harsh sounds in the fighting scenes. Overall, I was able to make a soundtrack I like very much."


1. Opening for "Exception"
2. Beginning
3. Atmospheric Transformer
4. The Monster
5. Monster Cry
6. A Message to Self / Funeral
7. A Painful Memory
8. Butterfly
9. Atmosphere Transformer Plant
10. X10 Land Drones
11. Memory Accident
12. Suicidal
13. Detaching
14. Hostage
15. Justification
16. Operating the Drone
17. Hangar - Hole
18. Reunion
19. Falling
20. Pod Landing
21. Alone on X10
22. Ship Launches
23. Fight
24. Re-printing
25. Oxygen
26. Rebirth
27. Ending for "Exception"

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