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Hybrid Stereo SACD

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Hybrid Stereo SACD

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Natural sound recording

Conceived, recorded and produced by Giulio Cesare Ricci

This album is part of recordings fonè's Giulio Cesare Ricci made on the occasion of concerts of the fonè Music Festival Piaggio edition 2021. Ricci realized this recording at the Auditorium Piaggio located inside the famous Museum in Pontedera, the place where Piaggio was born and where it still continues to produce today.

In a completely acoustic version, accompanied by his historical travel companions Radicanto, the Neapolitan singer crosses the whole Mediterranean in a recital of auteur songs demonstrating that, in music as in culture, there are precious bridges between the various peoples that overlook the sea. Nostrum which are a heritage to be preserved.

The collective proposes a "Mediterranean imaginary music", mestizo, born from the meeting of Raiz (historical voice of Almamegretta) with Radicanto consolidated over the years with the realization of tours and record works, finalists of the Tenco Award and in the Top Ten of the World Music Chart of Europe.

For this recording Ricci brought both analog (Ampex ATR 102 Electronic Tube Ampex Model 351-1965, 2 tracks, 1/2 inch, 30ips modified by David Manley) and digital (Pyramix Recorder, dCS A/D and D/A converters).
As for microphones he used his original collection of Neumann U47, U48, M49 in addition to the mike pre-amplifier and Signoricci cables. This is because he has always created two Masters for each recording: an analogue master for Vinyls and a DSD digital master for SuperAudioCDs. For the SACD he used the DSD format, on Pyramix using the dCS A/D and D/A converters DSD. The mastering of the SACD was done by Ricci using the Signoricci entirely analog and valve system.

Raiz, voice
Giuseppe De Trizio, classical guitar
Adolfo La Volpe, oud, Portuguese guitar, electric guitar
Francesco De Palma, cajon, darbuka, frame drums



1. Moshe Salyo de Misraym / ‘Rev Rav
2. Catene
3. Astrigneme
4. Misteriosamente
5. Cammina Cammina
6. Respiro
7. Nun te Scurda’
8. Indifferentemente
9. Era de Maggio
10. Carmela
11. Fa ammore cu’mme
12. Jerusalem
13. Chiqualin de Bachin

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