Information Society - Peace & Love, Inc.

 (30th Anniversary Edition)


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180-gram double LP

30th Anniversary Edition

Peace and Love, Inc, the fourth album from Information Society is celebrating it's 30th anniversary, which was initially released on October 26, 1992. The track "300bps N, 8, 1 (Terminal Mode Or Ascii Download)" is actually a text file encoded as modem tones. When decoded, the content is a tale by Kurt Harland about a bizarre but purportedly true event that took place when the band wasplaying in the city of Curitiba, Brazil. The title track, which hit No. 10 on the Dance Chart, takes aim at corporate culture and blindconformity but the band envisions themselves as one that sells peace, love and truth.

Side A
1. Peace & Love, Inc
2. Going, Going, Gone
3. to the City
4. Made to Be Broken

Side B
1. Still Here
2. 1,000,000 Watts of Love
3. Where Would I Be Without Ibm
4. to Be Free

Side C
1. If It's Real
2. Crybaby
3. Where the I Divides
4. Strength

Side D
1. Going, Going, Gone (Saber Vocal Mix)
2. Going, Going, Gone (Mindwarp Mix)
3. Peace & Love, Inc. (Passion Mix)
4. Peace & Love, Inc. (Disco Mosh Pit Mix)

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