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180-gram vinyl

Japanese Edition with OBI strip

"Light years ahead of the competition." — MOJO

After some years spent roaming the Valley of the Ultrablacks and exploring the Mountain of Forever, (where they narrowly avoided the lethal traps of The Voice of Besbunu), Binker and Moses are back with a new offering.

Feeding The Machine is their first studio album in five years.

Recorded at Peter Gabriel's Real World Studios by legendary, Grammy-winning producer Hugh Padgham, the new record features honorary third member Max Luthert on tape loops and electronics, moving their sound into an entirely new dimension that crosses into ambient, minimalism and experimental electronic territories.

With the use of modular synths and sampling, traditional melody and song structures are left behind as the musicians are pushed creatively to respond and in turn, "feed the machine."

All tracks composed by Binker Golding, Moses Boyd and Max Luthert

Binker Golding, soprano and tenor saxophones
Moses Boyd, drums
Max Luthert, live tape loops and electronic effects



Side A
1. Asynchronous Intervals
2. Active-Multiple-Fetish-Overlord
3. Accelerometer Overdose

Side B
1. Feed Infinite
2. After The Machine Settles
3. Because Because

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