Diamond Head - Lightning To The Nations

 (2021 Remaster)


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Diamond Head's classic debut album!

Reissued as Remastered 2021 Edition

Diamond Head's genre-defining debut album, Lightning To The Nations, returns featuring the original album from quarter-inch master tapes which Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich helped Diamond Head guitarist Brian Tatler retrieve back in 1990.

There is also brand-new cover artwork based on an idea Tatler had, to show a character referred to as "The Lightning God."

Ulrich and Geoff Barton in 1990 were compiling the double album New Wave Of British Heavy Metal '79 Revisited, for Phonogram Records. Lars made it his business to track down wherever possible the original master tapes because all he had were the old, often scratched singles.

Tatler says that when Ulrich called to inquire about the original quarter-inch masters for Lightning To The Nations, Tatler replied that those tapes hadn't been seen since they were sent by Diamond Head's former manager to someone at Woolfe Records. Ulrich dispatched a representative from Metallica's German label to track down the missing masters; the tapes were duly returned and baked to return to playable quality. They were restored and digitized before current Diamond Head frontman Rasmu "Ras" Born Anderson remastered the tracks, ending up with a pristine edition of the original recordings.

Lightning To The Nations (The White Album) Remastered 2021 is available here as a single vinyl edition of just the remastered album, on 180-gram LP.

Formed in 1976 under the riff-rolling leadership of Tatler, Diamond Head would quickly establish themselves as a vanguard of the exploding New Wave Of British Heavy Metal scene. With Lightning To The Nations, Diamond Head influenced and opened gates for many metal bands.

Side A
1. Lightning to the Nations
2. The Prince
3. Sucking My Love

Side B
1. Am I Evil?
2. Sweet and Innocent
3. It's Electric
4. Helpless

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