James Horner - Field Of Dreams

 (Limited Edition Original Motion Picture Soundtrack on ''Cornfield'' Green Colored Vinyl)


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First time on vinyl since its 1989 release!

Pressed on green and yellow "cornfield" vinyl

Includes James Horner's spine-tingling score!

Real Gone Music is always on the lookout for soundtracks to reissue on LP, especially from the late ‘80s/early ‘90s when labels were barely releasing vinyl if at all. But we'd sort of hit a rough patch, a slump if you will, when every title we pursued was either already taken or just plain unavailable. Then, one night as we were fast asleep, we were awakened by a voice. "If you press it, they will come."

Huh? Press what? Who will come? Then it hit us...could it possibly be true that James Horner's classic soundtrack to Field of Dreams has not been reissued on vinyl?! We did a little "scouting" around, and sure enough...this record hasn't been available since its very limited original release back in 1989! So this is a rookie reissue, and quite the phenom at that (just like you, Moonlight Graham!), pressed in green and yellow "cornfield" vinyl, and featuring James Horner's amazing, spine-tingling score. Don't strike out on this one!

Side A
1. The Cornfield
2. Deciding to Build the Field
3. Shoeless Joe
4. The Timeless Street
5. Old Ball Players
6. The Drive Home
7. Field of Dreams

Side B
1. The Library
2. ‘Moonlight’ Graham
3. Night Mists
4. Doc’s Memories
5. The Place Where Dreams
Come True
6. End Credits

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