Ani Difranco - Living In Clip

 (25th Anniversary Clearwater Blue Swirl Vinyl)


Righteous Babe



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ARSB 00112
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Vinyl Record

No. of Discs: 3
New Arrival

Side A
1. Whatever (Albuquerque, NM)
2. Wherever Santa Ana, CA)
3. Gravel (New London, CT)
4. Willing to Fight (Sacramento, CA)
5. Shy (Houston, TX)
6. Joyful Girl (Eugene, OR)

Side B
1. Hide and Seek (Hightstown, NJ)
2. Napoleon (Northampton, MA)
3. I'm No Heroine (Berkeley, CA)
4. Amazing Grace (John Newton) (Buffalo, NY)
5. Anticipate (Ithaca, NY)

Side C
1. Tiptoe (dunno)
2. Sorry I Am (New York, NY)
3. The Slant / The Diner (Atlanta, GA)
4. 32 Flavors (Boulder, CO)
5. Out of Range (Portland, OR)

Side D
1. Untouchable Face (Bloomingon, IL)
2. Shameless (Portland, OR)
3. Distracted (San Francisco, CA)
4. Adam and Eve (New York, NY)
5. Fire Door (Worcester, MA)

Side E
1. Both Hands (Buffalo, NY)
2. Out of Habit (Arcata, CA)
3. Every State Line (Atlanta, GA)
4. Not So Soft (New York, NY)
5. Travel Tips (Spokane, WA)
6. Wrong with Me (Ithaca, NY)

Side F
1. In Or Out (New York, NY)
2. We're All Gonna Blow (Victoria, BC)
3. Letter to a John (San Francisco, CA)
4. Overlap (New York, NY)

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