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Future Days



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New Liner Notes By Chris Morris

Don't let the cover fool you. This ain't no Redbone, this ain't no Willie Nelson (good though those two artists may be). Link Wray's Polydor debut from 1971 sounds kinda like The Band meets The Rolling Stones, with a healthy side of Van Morrison playing gospel blues somewhere in the Mississippi Delta.

Recorded in his converted chicken coop studio, Wray took a breather from his earlier electric guitar instrumentals to lay down a raw and intense album. If you are unfamiliar with Wray's work, he is probably best known for his 1958 hit "Rumble." Though it only got to No. 16 on the charts, its influence is staggering. The late critic Cub Koda said that Wray "invented the power chord." Pete Townshend of the Who said that he probably would never have picked up a guitar had it not been for the tune. Much of his early work from the Fifties may seem pretty tame now, but he was breaking ground for the likes of Dick Dale and a whole crop of guitarists that would come during the British Invasion, such as Clapton, Beck, and Page, all of whom have paid homage to Wray's talent.

By most accounts, Link turned 75 this year (though it might be 73 or 68, depending on what you read), and he's about as far as one can be from the rock mainstream: Denmark. He moved there in 1978, and lives on an island where Hans Christian Andersen once made his home. And though his life has been far from a fairytale, Wray still manages to get out on the road from time to time, showing the kids how it's done, comfortable in his status as one of the pioneers of rock.

Side A
1. La De Da
2. Take Me Home Jesus
3. Juke Box Mama
4. Rise And Fall Of Jimmy Stokes
5. Fallin’ Rain

Side B
1. Fire And Brimstone
2. Ice People
3. God Out West
4. Crowbar
5. Black River Swamp
6. Tail Dragger

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