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Manley Labs - Skipjack Preamp Source Selector

Manley Labs



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Pre Amps

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Four-into-one or three-into-two audiophile source selector. Too clever and very useful!

Have you ever wanted to compare two or more sets of interconnects, or listen to the difference between a couple of preamps or a few CD players, or be your own armchair reviewer? How about you guys with the Manley Steelhead? You have one line input available and have to keep swapping cables when you want to listen to different sources. Hey, or would you like to go backwards and have one source drive either this or that? And why has no one ever commercially offered a real high-end audiophile thing to do this job?

What you need is a simple A-to-B source switcher, and that's what the Manley Skipjack is, and more. But behind the deceptively simple facia is some incredibly clever and thoughtful engineering. A brilliant design!


  • Signal level handling: Phono or line input levels
  • Switching via dual contact NAIS relays per leg per input
  • Internal Wire length:  six inches total; silver stranded 18 awg
  • Channel separation:  116 dB  22Hz-22Khz
  • Internal signal Loss: less than 1/10 db (.045 dB)
  • Frequency response: DC - 200Khz  +/- .1 db @ 200Khz
  • Signal to noise ratio: 117db
  • THD: Non existing
  • Power Supply: 9vDC external, 2.2A, 100 to 240VAC input, self-sensing, 50/60Hz, 74VA
  • Power consumption: Maximum of 26W (4 inputs / 1 output selected)
  • Power Cord: IEC detachable standard
  • Dimensions: 7.75" deep x 7" wide x 2" tall

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