They Might Be Giants - John Henry Demos

 (Limited Edition Orange Vinyl + 45RPM 7 Inch on Black Vinyl)


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Limited edition orange vinyl LP together with a 7" vinyl pressing

A collection of demos from They Might Be Giants' fifth album, John Henry. The collection consists of full-band studio demos of every song from John Henry presented in album order, with the exception of "Stomp Box" (which did not have a demo recorded).

"Years back, through 'a secret experiment in human happiness,' we included a download of the demos to the John Henry album. The recordings were made with Patrick Dillett and an evolving live band over a few long session days at Brooklyn's Excello Studios. Upon reflection, it seemed the quality of the work really called for a proper release. So now a proper, full-length album is finally available." — They Might Be Giants

Side A
1. Subliminal
2. Snail Shell
3. Sleeping in the Flowers
4. Unrelated Thing
5. AKA Driver
6. I Should Be Allowed to Think
7. Extra Savoir-Faire
Side B
1. Why Must I Be Sad?
2. Spy
3. O, Do Not Forsake Me
4. No One Knows My Plan
5. Dirt Bike
6. Destination Moon
7. A Self Called Nowhere
8. Meet James Ensor
9. Thermostat
10. Window

7" Vinyl Single
Side A
1. Out of Jail
Side B
1. The End of the Tour

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