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140 / 150 Gram Vinyl Record

Note: 150 Gram


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150-gram vinyl

Mastered for vinyl by Masterdisk

Faithful but updated rendering of the original jacket artwork!

Manufactured for pristine sound at Quality Record Pressings!

The Cramps emerged out of the first wave of punk music in the mid-1970s, frequenting clubs such as CBGB. Led by husband and wife team Lux Interior and Poison Ivy, this garage psychobilly band incorporated a flair for fusing camp, Link Wray-inspired riffs, B-Movies, and bizarre performances.

Side A
1. Mean Machine
2. Ultra Twist
3. Let’s Get Fucked Up
4. Nest of the Cuckoo Bird
5. I’m Customized
6. Sado County Auto Show
7. Naked Girl Falling Down The Stairs

Side B
1. How Come You Do Me?
2. Inside Out and Upside Down
3. Trapped Love
4. Swing The Big Eyed Rabbit
5. Strange Love
6. Blues Blues Blues
7. Sinners
8. Route 66

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