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Coming January 13, 2023


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"Like a summit meeting between BB King and Stevie Ray Vaughan." — Rolling Stone

Popa Chubby has not stopped working. He followed the 2020 release celebrating his 30th anniversary (It's A Mighty Hard Road) with an introspective outing reflecting his time at home (Tinfoil Hat). The year that has followed has led to more upbeat themes and times. This is strongly reflected on his latest recording, Emotional Gangster, out worldwide on Dixiefrog records on March 18th 2022.

And indeed the emotions run high on this recording featuring 11 tracks, with the Chubbfatha on many instruments and doing all the mixing and recording duties.

"This record definitely reflects happier times and good solid dose of classic blues!" Says Popa from his studio full of guitars in the Hudson Valley. "I specifically included covers like 'Hoochie Coochie Man' and 'Dust My Broom' to show respect for the Fathers. Willie Dixon has always been my idol you know."

But the real gems here come in Popa's original compositions. "Equal Opportunity" is a light-hearted sing along that celebrates the feminine at a time when it is seriously needed. And songs such as "Fly Away" and both French and English versions of "Why You Wanna Make War?" are big standouts! There is more than an ample amount of pure guitar bliss on this record and slide guitar on tracks such as "Tonight I'm Gonna Be The Man" that add flavor to a savory mix.

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