Dio - Holy Diver

 (Joe Barresi Remix Edition 2022 with D Side Etching)





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180 Gram Vinyl Record

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180 Gram LP

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180-gram gatefold double LP

Holy Diver (Joe Barresi Remix Edition)

Joe Barresi's new mix of Holy Diver released as a 2LP set on 180-gram vinyl. It includes the original nine tracks, plus the 1983 B-side version of "Evil Eyes" as a bonus track. Side four is decorated with an etching of the legendary demon Murry that graces the album's iconic cover. The vinyl is kept in a gatefold sleeve that shows off newly commissioned artwork by longtime Dio artist, Marc Sasso.

Side A
1. Stand Up and Shout (2022 Joe Barresi Remix)
2. Holy Diver (2022 Joe Barresi Remix)
3. Gypsy (2022 Joe Barresi Remix)
4. Caught in the Middle (2022 Joe Barresi Remix)

Side B
1. Don't Talk to Strangers (2022 Joe Barresi Remix)
2. Straight Through the Heart (2022 Joe Barresi Remix)
3. Invisible (2022 Joe Barresi Remix)

Side C
1. Rainbow in the Dark (2022 Joe Barresi Remix)
2. Shame on the Night (2022 Joe Barresi Remix)
3. Evil Eyes (Wyn Davis Remix)

Side D

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Dio’s best done right.

posted on 08/01/2022
5 Stars
Reviewer: Steve
I bought the original pressing of this album when it first came out when I was in highschool. I must have played that album a thousand times. I wasnt sure i would like a remixed version but I bought this one anyway- and man what a great remix and pressing this is! Songs actually end without fading out, and the mix really brings out the bass and drums that seemed a bit too laid back in the original mix. If you like Dio, you will love this remix.

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