Various Artists - Animal Crossing: Totakeke Music Instrumental Selection

 (Limited Edition Original Nintendo Soundtrack)


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Original Nintendo Soundtrack

The Nintendo Switch game 'Atsumare: Animal Crossing' is about moving to a deserted island and living a carefree life with animals. In addition to 18 songs selected from the Instrumental version of Totakeke Music, an arranged version of 'Hazure 02' will be included as a bonus track, with the A-side featuring an upper-range song and the B-side featuring a selection of chill-out songs to relax to.

Totakeke Music's Instrumental Selection is going to be pressed to order based on the number of preorders submitted by the preorder due date.

Side A (Upper side)
1. Keke Idol
2. Eurobeat
3. Drum n bass
4. Urban Keke
5. Keke Pop
6. Keke House
7. Keke Break
8. Keke Break
9. Keke Groove
10. Keke Lloyd

Side B (Chill side)
1. Chill Wave
2. Keketronica
3. Keke Dub
4. Keke Lovers
5. Keke Bashment
6. Drive
7. Keke Bossa
8. Minna Atsumare
9. Hazure 02 City & Pop Version (Bonus Track)

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