Frank Sinatra - Watertown

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Remixed edition of Frank Sinatra's 1970 masterwork!

Watertown remains an album unlike any other in the Sinatra discography. The seeds of the two-part suite were planted when Sinatra met with Frankie Valli of The Four Seasons. Valli's longtime musical partner Bob Gaudio explained to Ed O'Brien in 1994.

"Frankie spent some time with Frank, and they got to be real friendly. They started talking about a project, and Frankie made the suggestion that Frank and I should meet and talk about doing something contemporary, something maybe a little different and unusual, something he hadn't done before," O'Brien said.

Gaudio and Sinatra met in mid-1968, and within months, the producer-composer began crafting the album that became Watertown. He enlisted Jake Holmes (the original "Dazed and Confused") as lyricist. Gaudio and Holmes had collaborated on The Four Seasons' most ambitious album, The Genuine Imitation Life Gazette, released in January 1969. For Sinatra, they would create a concept album that shared some of Genuine Imitation Life's DNA in its mordant look at American life

"We hit on putting him in a small town. Having a small-town approach, and taking it down as much as we could to basic life in middle America," Gaudio explained. "We tried to strip all of the gloss and sheen off of it."

All tracks are newly mixed from the original session tapes. The LP edition features the original 10-track sequence, a package with all original lyrics, a printed sleeve with new liner notes, track-by-track breakdown from Mr. Gaudio, and a 12" X 24" poster.

Side A
1. Watertown
2. Goodbye (She Quietly Says)
3. For A While
4. Michael & Peter
5. I Would Be In Love (Anyway)

Side B
1. Elizabeth
2. What A Funny Girl (You Used To Be)
3. What’s Now Is Now
4. She Says
5. The Train

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